Gourmia 6.7-L / 7-QT Digital Window Air Fryer


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You can have healthy food that actually tastes great. Gourmia’s air fryer fries with air, eliminating up to 80% of fat. The Window + light let you monitor the progress of your food while keeping heat where it belongs, inside the basket. Set the unit to preheat and to remind you to turn your food. Enjoy fried favorites, dried fruit, and decadent cakes—all from the same amazing air fryer.


  • Fry Force 360° Technology cooks food quickly and evenly with little to no oil
  • Spacious capacity: 6.7 L (7 qt.) basket is great for cooking for family and friends
  • 10 One-touch cooking functions: air fry, fries, wings, bacon, bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, reheat, and keep warm
  • The Window + Light let you monitor the progress of your food at-a-glance
  • Dehydrate function lets you prepare a variety of healthy dried snacks
  • Intuitive touchscreen control panel is angled for optimal use
  • Display shows temperature and time simultaneously so it’s easy to adjust and monitor
  • Optional preheat: preheats air fryer and prompts you when to add food
  • Optional  turn food reminder: prompts you to turn food halfway through the cook time
  • Convenient built-in cord storage in the back of the unit for a neat and clean counter     
  • 32°C to 204.4°C (90°F to 400°F) temperature range
  • ​​​​​​​Up to 24 hour timer range


  • Nonstick basket
  • Nonstick crisper tray
  • Multi-purpose rack
  • Recipe book
  • User manual        


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Weight4.81 kg
Dimensions27.94 × 38.35 × 35.56 cm


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