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Tie Dye your favorite items in twenty-four colors of the rainbow with The Ultimate Tie Dye Kit & Workstation. Have fun creating tie dye and ombré fashions with family and friends. Everything loaded in this value packed craft containing twenty-four vibrant colors, twenty-four dye powder refills, two hundred elastic bands, a molded tray with twenty-four bottle holders, and thirty pairs of latex-free gloves in assorted small, medium, and large sizes. Two mesh storage bags and one large slide lock bag are included to organize all your Tie Dye supplies. 



· (24) Bottles pre-filled with assorted tie dye colors

· (24) Individual powder dye packets in assorted colors

· (1) Large plastic tub

· (1) Molded tray with twenty-four bottle holders and drain

· (200) Elastic bands

· (3) Total storage bags (two mesh bags, one plastic bag)

· (30) Pairs of latex-free gloves in assorted small, medium, and large sizes



· Molded tray to hold twenty-four tie dye bottles for easy access while crafting

· One large plastic tub keeping tie dye projects contained

· Assorted size latex free gloves for all to enjoy tie dying


Dimensions & Weight:

3.58” W x 20.23” L x 15.63” H; 4.67 lbs.

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Weight3.17 kg
Dimensions20.23 × 3.58 × 15.63 cm


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