AVF FL601LTW-T TV Wall Standing TV Mount


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  • Tilts for better viewing angles.
  • Cables can be hidden away behind the vertical column for a tidy finish.
  • Includes screen levelling feature to counteract uneven floors.
  • Designed to be stood against a wall behind furniture or against a wall alone.
  • Can easily be secured to the wall with a single screw.

Stylish wall mounted TV looks without the drama of wall mounting!.

AVF’s Against The Wall Standing TV Mount is much quicker to install than a regular TV Wall Mount. Supporting your TV at a comfortable viewing height while easily hiding cables behind the upright column. It will look great in any room, position it against a wall alone, or discreetly behind furniture for the look you desire.

Unlike wall mounting it gives you the freedom to change your mind, making it the ideal solution for rental properties and super flexible if you decide to move home, redecorate or just want to move your TV.

Designed for TVs up to 80in and 60kg, with a built in tilting function to help you find the best viewing angle.

Quick and easy to install – Box includes everything needed.


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